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WARNING: Installation may be a bit hairy if you don't know what you are doing. I welcome contribution of installation scripts and documentation :-). If you have installation problems please let me know. If you find the installation complicated or need a more powerful package you can purchase Globetrotter's SamSuite. I believe it is priced somewhere around $8k. You could also contribute to phpLicensewatcher :-).

Mailing lists

There is phplicensewatcher-users mailing list on SourceForge. To subscribe click here. This is the preferred way of communicating since I don't regularly check forums on SourceForge.

Mailing list archive is available here.


Thanks to Glenn Zenker and yours truly we now have Installation HOWTO :-). To check your installation please run check_installation.php script from your PHPlicensewatcher directory. It will check for common configuration/installation problems.


You can download all releases from here.


Version 1.3.0
Version 1.2.3.
Version 1.2.2.


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